Norbert Capsule for startups (English) - נורברט

Early Stagers – We’ve got your back!
You’ve developed an awesome idea, got together a team of founders, and now all that’s left is raising the money to move ahead with your startup project… No biggie, right?
This is an integral crossroads which all early-stage entrepreneurs face: On the one hand, in order to get investors on board, you need top-notch marketing materials. On the other hand, you haven’t raised any money yet, and you’re on a super-tight budget…
This is where Norbert comes in! For over ten years now, we have been helping our clients overcome their marketing challenges, and know exactly what you need at this stage, as well as what you can afford.
Introducing the Norbert Startup Branding Capsule – an absolute MUST marketing kit for early-stage startups.

Visual Identity

An accelerated branding
process that defines your
visual brand language, which
will dictate your logo and all
other graphics, moving

Pitch Deck

Deliver a beautifully-designed
branded investors’ pitch deck
that will both impress and
clearly convey your product
strategy and messaging.


The most important tool for
any early-stage startup.
Specially created with tools
that will allow you to add and
edit your page on your own, at
any time.

What else can
we do for you?

Ready to create your site? Our team is more than happy to define, design, and develop the site of your dreams.

Marketing materials for conferences
Need folders? Rollups? Branded swag for your next important exhibition? We love that stuff, and always come up with great ideas.

Strategic marketing consulting
Our startup strategic experts will advise you on how to accurately relay your marketing and strategic messaging.

Content creation
Need help writing content for a website or presentation (or anything else)? We do that too – in both Hebrew and English.

Running a promo? Need a social campaign?
Our social media and campaign management experts have got you covered.

Deliver your pitch to investors?
Um, no. That one’s on you. But we’ll make sure you’re as ready as can be for it!

"The customer’s
preception is
your reality"

kate Zabriskie

About Us
For more than a decade, we have been developing, building, designing, and creating the visual products that most accurately serve each of our clients’ messaging and strategy.Our team of creative, marketing, media, strategy, content, design, and branding experts allows us to offer a unique solution that comprises advanced marketing & strategic elements combined with top-notch branding and design capabilities.

We continuously work with the country’s leading brands, and are proud to have taken part in the challenges and successes of numerous startups.

Our vast experience in the different startup branding processes, along with our passion for being part of the companies that will shape our tomorrows, are the reason we created this capsule, which aims to provide a much-needed backbone for startups everywhere.